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And That B*tch Jen

angela vs bath and body worksHoly eff, you guys. Have you seen the viral video of the woman ranting about Bath and Body Works not having her specific candles? Because if not, you need to.

If there’s one thing that really pisses me off, it’s when I want to exchange my Bath and Body Works Peach Bellini candles for some unnamed, super in-demand other candles from Bath and Body Works and then —¬†THEN¬†— Bath and Body Works doesn’t have the unnamed, super popular ones I want.


So does Angela here. She fucking hates that shit so hard, too. Maybe harder than I. And all I have to say is, that bitch Jen. She better watch her ass, ‘cuz corporate’s about to rain down a whole lotta unpleasant right on it and her blonde friend’s, too. RIGHT ON THEIR ASSES, I TELL YOU.