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American Airlines Makes Woman Cover Herself Up To Travel On Plane

If you’re looking for something to make you flex your WTF muscle, this story about a woman getting shamed on an American Airlines flight should do the trick.

Dr. Latisha “Tisha” Rowe was on a flight to Miami from Jamaica to visit her family when she was pulled off the plane due to what flight attendants called “innapropriate clothing.” The woman, who happens to be a doctor and owner of a telehealth company, was wearing a simple one piece romper. According to the tweet she posted (which has now gone viral), she was asked to de-board the plane and was told she would not be able to fly unless she wrapped herself in a blanket.

Her tweet included a photo that she took of her outfit, the kind of romper that you see everywhere in the summer.

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As if this isn’t enough to make your eyes rage-roll, they also did all of this in front of her young son and treated her as if she was going to cause a scene (which she did not). Dr. Rowe kept her cool in a situation that was unfair and a terrible example of body-policing, and for that she is a hero.

Rowe believes that the reason she was bothered about her attire was her curvy figure. Had a less shapely woman worn this outfit, they likely wouldn’t be treated as if they were being indecent. Unfortunately, curvy bodies tend to be hypersexualized and treated as if they are obscene when people wear literally the same outfits as people with smaller body types.

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Rowe’s tweet of her outfit has gone on to get 9.5 thousand likes and over 4 thousand retweets. Most of the engagement with the original tweet is of people who are rightfully outraged that she was treated like this.

American Airlines does have a policy about attire; however, all it says is to dress “appropriately” and to not have bare feet or clothing that is “offensive.”

The airline has stated that they are trying to investigate the situation and contact Rowe.

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This isn’t the first time the airline has been under fire; they previously were identified as being potentially unsafe towards black passengers by the NAACP. However, that travel advisory has since been lifted.

Let’s try and think for a moment of a world where we aren’t dictating what people can and can’t wear. I know I’ve seen far more that left less to the imagination in the local grocery store. Let’s stop policing women’s bodies, shall we?

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