Alternative Names for the ‘World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017’

By MockMom Contributors

Republicans have a name for their replacement healthcare legislation and, this is completely true, it’s called the ‘World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017’. Forget the fact that we’re barely three months into 2017, to claim it’s the “World’s Greatest” seems like something they plagiarized from a 3 a.m. Trump tweet.

Here are some of the other names for their Affordable Care Act replacement bill that they chose to pass on:

“World’s” “Greatest” “Healthcare” “Plan” of 2017

Live Free or Die Hard Because You’re Poor

We Scare Because We Care

We Don’t Care At All, Actually

We’ve Decided to Stop Pretending We Give a Shit

 I Can’t Believe It’s Not a Death Panel! (Because it’s actually a death panel)

Wonder No More: This Is How You Will Die

iPhone Alternative for 2017

Orange Cross Orange Shield

State Harm

World’s Greatest Clusterfuck

Want Health? Get Wealth.

Bend Over and Cough

Cootie Shots Now Covered in Full!


As I Lay Dying (That was taken)

The ‘This Is More Complicated Than I Thought’ Plan

Thoughts & Prayers

Tax Credits Poor People Can’t Use

The Deplorable Care Act

United States Sickness Regulation (USSR for short)

Kae-Czar Permanente

Putin on the Preexisting Conditions

Murrica’s Healthcare Hootenany

Alternative Healthcare


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