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Alan Thicke, Famed TV Dad, Dies at Age 69

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Alan Thicke, everyone’s favorite TV dad from the hit ’80s series Growing Pains, has passed away from a sudden heart attack at the very young age of 69.

Perhaps best known for his role as Jason Seaver on Growing Pains, Thicke was a Canadian-born actor, songwriter, and TV show host. He was also the father of popular singer Robin Thicke, whose 2013 hit single “Blurred Lines” drew quite the controversy at the height of its popularity.

According to the LA Times, Thicke’s death was confirmed by a publicist for Robin Thicke.

For those of us who grew up watching Growing Pains, the loss of Thicke is a punch to the gut. Jason Seaver, Thicke’s character on the TV show, was a man ahead of his time, working from home as a psychiatrist and taking care of the children so his wife, Maggie, could go back to work as a reporter.

Not only was Thicke’s TV dad persona a modern man, but he was also level-headed and instilled great responsibility in his kids, including rebellious Mike, played by then-heartthrob Kirk Cameron. Those of us who followed the show closely also remember a certain A-list actor establishing his Hollywood cred alongside Thicke — none other than handsome ladies man, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Thicke, who had recently been working on Fuller House with other ’80s TV show favorites, will be greatly missed.

We hope you catch that Midnight Train to Georgia, Alan. We’ll see you again when we get there.