Actress Says She Doesn’t Care About Getting Back in Shape After Baby, Somehow Ends up a Size 2

Actress Says She Doesn't Care About Getting Back in Shape After Baby, somehow Ends up a Size 2

By Kristina Johnson of

Actress Eden Quinn was spotted rocking a bikini on the beaches of Malibu this weekend, a mere 6 weeks after giving birth to her first baby.

She says motherhood has been empowering and given her a new appreciation for the female body.

Sipping a glass of lemon water and snacking on celery sticks, which she says she “genuinely enjoys,” Quinn says she hasn’t lost all of her pregnancy weight yet, but she’s not ashamed of her new figure.

“There is so much pressure on us ladies to ‘snap back’ to our pre-baby body as soon as we give birth, but it doesn’t always happen. I was a size 0 before, but now I’m a size 2. It’s totally fine.”

Quinn says she has no plans to try to lose the last few pounds, and won’t be adjusting her eating habits at all. “They say 1200 calories a day is a starvation diet, so that’s why I always make sure to eat at least 1250. Sometimes even 1300! That’s not going to change.”

But she says her fans can still look forward to seeing her hit the red carpet looking svelte.

“My little secret? A waist trainer! You can buy one from my brand new merchandise line for just $79.99. It’s all geared toward average moms – just like me!”


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