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A Two-Year-Old Bought a $400 Couch. Because Toddler.

two-year-old from San Diego accidentally bought a $400 couch

“Blame it on the to-o-o-o-o-o-o-oddler” could be the new excuse anthem for moms whenever packages mysteriously turn up on their doorstep. Move over, “wine and Prime,” the “kiddie one-click” is the new bank account sapper.

A San Diego mother, Isabella McNeil, was recently the confused recipient of an email by Amazon, notifying her that the $400 linen tufted couch she’d ordered was on its way to her doorstep. The only problem was, she never ordered a couch.

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McNeil tells NBC 7 of San Diego that at first, she thought she’d made the purchase in her sleep, but that later she realized the culprit was her toddler daughter. McNeil says that she had been doing some window shopping for couches on Amazon before handing her phone over to her daughter Rayna, who then decided to make it rain couches using Amazon’s “1-Click” feature that made the consumer experience a little too easy, in this case.

Isabella McNeil and family on Facebook

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By the time McNeil caught the mistake, it was too late in the process to cancel the order. Thinking she could simply return the couch (which is gorgeous, fyi), McNeil learned that doing so would involve a $79 restocking fee and $100 to ship back, so she is now trying to sell it on OfferUp, which is a site where you can sell used items.

Listing for $400 couch bought by toddler

Her listing on OfferUp reads:

“Brand new in box. Ordered it by mistake, my toddler actually did…darn buy with 1 click on Amazon. Anyway, it’s more of a hassle to ship back, so I’ll take a loss. I paid 431 with tax and am willing to let it go for 300 must pick up.”

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“Lesson learned…Now I know it’s really dangerous and [I need] to make sure the Amazon app is closed before my daughter takes the phone. It’s just so easy.”

This isn’t the first time tots have accidentally (or even unaccidentally) purchased things online. A girl snuck a $350 toy order onto her mom’s Amazon tab, and another toddler bought a freaking car on eBay.

Isabella McNeil and daughter

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The silver lining here is that Amazon has made interior decorating a career option for two-year-olds.

The not-so-silver-lining? Toddlers have a new way to terrorize us thanks to technology.