Running around frantically, chasing a tiny thing with its mouth hanging open... Yeah, being a new mom is a lot like playing Pac-Man.
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8 Reasons Why Being a New Mom is Like Playing Pac-Man

Running around frantically, chasing a tiny thing with its mouth hanging open... Yeah, being a new mom is a lot like playing Pac-Man.

By Rachel Whetstone of Increase and Spaghettify

Remember Pac-man? I might be showing my age here. For those of you not alive in the 80s, it was an arcade game in which you maneuvered a starving yellow circle through a psychedelic maze of small dots. It was more entertaining than it sounds. Pac-man actually just celebrated its 35th anniversary, and we’re about to see the little guy featured in the upcoming “Pixels” movie.

Here are 8 reasons why being a new mom is like playing Pac-Man.

1. Baby runs around experiencing everything mouth first.

Her sister. Your hair. His own poop. Whatever babies see, they launch towards it with mouths wide open. It’s at times alarming, but it can still be endearing when you get those first very slobbery baby kisses.

2. It’s impossible to stand still.

You can’t stop. You can’t slow down. You can only change the direction you’re running.

3. You’re constantly haunted by ghosts.

The ghost of having a daily shower, the ghost of clothes not christened by spit-up, the ghost of your dignity. You vaguely remember those moments when you weren’t scrubbing spit-up out of your favorite sweater.

4. Baby loves those apples, oranges, and cherries! Yay!

Now if only he would eat the green beans.

5. There are constant electronic noises and music.

The baby swing, the teddy bears, Baby’s first electric drum kit that was a special present from Grandma… it all makes noise these days.

6. The chores are never ending, and everything just gets faster and faster until you can’t do it anymore.

And you don’t even get extra lives in this world.

7. Energizers help you play better.

We call it coffee. Even better when it’s the S’mores Frappuccino with an extra espresso shot from Starbucks. Chocolate will also work in a pinch. In times of desperation, you’ll take those rejected jelly beans from the bottom of the Easter basket that your 3-year old said “tasted funny.”

8. Even when you do it well, you’re barely recognized.

It seems like you slave all day, and no one even notices, and you just have to do it all again tomorrow. But like the old arcade games, you do get one small token of achievement… those three letters you can proclaim to the world, your high score for a job well done. Go ahead and proudly punch in your letters in the #1 slot… M-O-M.

This post was originally published on Increase and Spaghettify.


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