5 Inventions That Make Indecisive People Crazy(er)
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5 Inventions That Make Indecisive People Crazy(er)

5 Inventions That Make Indecisive People Crazy(er)

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I am a somewhat of an indecisive person. Well, I think I am. I’m pretty sure. Um, yes. Yes, I am.

If I am trying to put it in a good light, I say I’m very laid back or I’m flexible. The truth is, though, that the choices do get to me. They surround me at night in bed and they take turns taunting me. Here are the main offenders:

1) Birth control

Having the option to decide how big the family should be is a lot of pressure. There is no undo button on this. My mind changes 32 times a day on whether or not to expand our brood. I really like the word “brood.” Do I need to have more than two kids to use it to describe our family? I think so.

Now I’m back on the “have another kid train.”

2) Vaccines

Bahahaha. Kidding. That is laughably obvious. (Backs away slowly.) Get vaccinated! (Runs, trips, gets up, trips again on a rusty nail. See, good thing I had my Tetanus shot.)

3) Pop up boxes on computers that say things like, “Are you sure you don’t want to save?” “Are you sure you want to close this?”

I really thought I was sure at first, but the questions make me doubt myself.

Those boxes have never come up at a time when I really needed them to tell me not to do something. Or if they did, I was so used to ignoring their annoying, overprotective ways that I clicked out without reading the warning.

These pop ups don’t even feel like “warnings” anymore; they are like little counseling sessions. I need a thunderclap and some booming bass to keep me from doing stupid things. At the very least, a squirt in the face from a bottle filled with water.

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4) Vacuum cleaners

Why does finding a vacuum cleaner have to suck so bad!?! (See what I did there?) I just need something to follow my children around with that will pick up the debris left over in their wake of destruction.

5) Kinds of gas for the car

Can’t we just make the good kind that everyone should use? What’s the difference?

I am not a mechanic. I don’t feel qualified to make this judgment at the pump. Did I miss a class outlining the pros and cons of each? Do I have time to Wikipedia this while I’m at the pump?

Basically it boils down to this: I can’t be trusted to wield this power over gas choice. Please reroute life in a way that takes this out of my hands.

Somebody tell me I am not crazy. Or if you can’t do that, let’s at least cuddle.

I am happy that these things exist. I really am, but my personal brand of looney can’t always decide how to utilize them correctly or decide ..well…decide anything at all, I guess.

Anything you struggle with that you want to share? If you’re like me, don’t pause to think; jump in and comment before it’s too late.