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24 of the Best Tina Fey GIFS to Give You ALL the Smiles

Photo Credit: Flickr / George Arriola


I’m not sure there’s a comedic actress I adore more than Tina Fey.

She’s funny. She’s strong. She’s a badass at balancing being a parent and a career woman. And she does the best damn Sarah Palin impersonation in the world. (Even better than Sarah Palin, if you can believe that.)

She had me rolling during just about every skit she did on Saturday Night Live, whether it was the aforementioned Palin impersonation or the Mom Jeans bit she rocked in those elastic waist, comfort fit atrocities some call pants. (Don’t even get me started on how well she killed it during her time at the Weekend Update desk.)

She helped me to embrace my painful awkwardness when she channeled her own into Liz Lemon on 30 Rock and gave Alec Baldwin a run for his money.

And she never ceases to make me giggle in her ongoing shenanigans with BFF Amy Poehler (who, by the way, is also pretty badass at this whole comedy thing).

Tina Fey really does prove that “bitches get shit done,” and quite well at that.

If you’re in need of a laugh, look no further than these 24 hilarious Tina Fey GIFS. Guaranteed to make you smile or your money back.*

*Not really. We actually don’t have any money. *sobs in fetal position*