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19 Funny Tweets About How Gross Family Vehicles Are

More often than not, the family vehicle is a disgusting trash vortex where Pinterest-perfect ideals about cleanliness go to die.

It’s all fun and games when you are young and full of hope, swearing on your life that you will never drive a minivan. Next thing you know, you’re researching affordable models with the highest safety ratings, complete with surround sound systems so you can listen to The Wiggles sing about fruit salad in style.

Gone are the days when you had a name for your car, vacuumed it frequently and had little bits of flair to signal your personality hanging from the rearview mirror. Now, your vehicle is covered in 2 lbs of goldfish crackers, with 2 first aid kits, a Costco-sized bucket of wipes, and the faint smell of McDonald’s fries and farts. If you’re really on the ball, there might even be an air freshener that hasn’t been changed since the Obama administration.

But it’s ok, fam! Having a nasty vehicle is just one of the hallmarks of parenting. Like stretch marks, or the overwhelming desire to run away.

Check Out What The Funny Parents of Twitter Have To Say About How Gross Family Vehicles Are!

1. They Stink

2. They are a collection of nastiness

3. They are a full of trash. FULL OF IT!

4. “I’m sorry that this is my life now”

5. They contain hidden (disgusting) treasures

6. They usher you into a world of dull


7. They are full of noise… and children

8. Protect your emotions by never cleaning them

9. They bring up complicated feels for men

10. They are nothing but garbage receptacles

11. They can bring out your competitive side

12. They can be hard to maneuver

13. Did I mention they stink? Because they do.


14. So. Many. Treasures.

15. They should come equipped with some sort of anti-child system

16. The kids treat them like a dumpster

17. Consider yourself warned

18. This is a good point…

19. Your car is too gross. We need to put it down.


So if you feel as though your vehicle is a hoarder house on wheels, you’re not alone!

Most of us with kids are driving around in nasty rolling containers full of God-knows-what. It’s one of the ties that binds us parents together. Solidarity!