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18 Tweets That Describe How Moms Actually Feel About Mother’s Day

By Joanna McClanahan of Ramblin’ Mama

Moms deal with a lot of shit (both literally and figuratively) every day. The least we can get is 24 hours of recognition once a year.

We try to keep our expectations low. Very low. Depressingly low.

We understand that you might only now, reading this, realize that Mother’s Day is coming up.

We know that you will probably end up shopping for us at CVS last minute.

We’re already mentally prepared for having to clean whatever messes are left in our house come Monday morning.

And the only jewelry we’re expecting is of the macaroni variety.

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But here is a collection of hilarious tweets that best describe how we really feel about Mother’s Day (and what we actually want):

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As for what we actually want for Mother’s Day:

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And the one thing the majority of us definitely don’t want:

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