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14 Funny Tweets About The Family Pet

If you have kids, your heart isn’t the only thing that’s full – so is your house. And if you have pets, then this is doubly true. Having a family pet can be a wonderful experience for everyone in the household; truly, there are few things that tug on the ol’ heartstrings like a pet and a child bonding.

Pets are not only a source of love and companionship, but they are also a source of entertainment. They play with us, cause us to laugh, and make us feel all warm and fuzzy, just by being there. They’re not just animals in your home; indeed, they become part of the family.

Although they are another mouth to feed, taking up more space in your home and costing you money out of your pockets, everything seems worthwhile when they put their furry lil’ heads in your lap and stare up at you with their big loving eyes. Whether it be cats or dogs, our furry friends are welcome and hilarious little additions to our lives, making them brighter with their crazy antics and their unconditional love.

Here’s what the funny parents of Twitter had to say about what it’s like live-ing, laugh-ing, and love-ing the family pet!

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1. They see enough to be wise

2. They may just be more on the ball than we are

3. They know boundaries… which is more than I can say for toddlers

4. They have us wrapped around their adorable widdle paw-fingers

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5. They will love us, and take a piece of us with them when they’re gone

6. They can be excellent for teaching kids about life

7. They can do no wrong in our eyes

8. They also might want a wee break from the chaos

9. They think they’re people

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10. If they go missing they better stay missing so we don’t have to be social

11. They can be loud, much like kids

12. They can be great conversation openers

13. The love flows both ways

14. They know how to get what they want

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So here’s to to the family pets! The very goodest of all the common household critters (sorry kids)!

If you don’t have a family pet but know someone who does, make sure to share this list with them.