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Hilariously Spot-On Memes About How Much Yelling Parenting Involves

Most of us would probably agree that we aren’t the parents we’d hoped we would be. I distinctly recall thinking I’d be a free-spirited parent who would take the time to understand my child and allow them to live according to their true nature.

Silly me didn’t realize what an absolute shitshow that would be.

That mother I thought I’d be never saw the light of day. Instead she was replaced by the harried, disorganized mess that I currently am. My house isn’t full of the gentle sound of laughter. It’s actually just booming with the sound of me losing my everloving shit in new and novel ways.

One thing that I wasn’t prepared for with parenting was the yelling. So much yelling. And it’s not just me – my kids are yelling, my husband is yelling, I’m yelling and it’s almost like a contest for who can actually be heard. None of us are winning.

Although I never wanted to be a yeller, the sad truth is that I am one. And many of the people I’ve met who also didn’t want to be yellers suffer from scratchy throats and parental guilt because of the constant battle to be heard above the fuckery, too.

At least it’s an experience we aren’t alone in. And being aware of it is the first step towards change – right?!?

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1. Sorry, we’re in the long game here

2. I mean, it’s true though

3. Seriously, leave the yelling for those who have earned it with a terrible life that’s been ripe with dissappointment

4. Holla at the little monsters who make this all possible

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5. My yelling needed to match your yelling

6. Your neighbors are gonna love ya

7. Nobody wants to yell, it just gets coaxed right the fuck out of us

8. Do as I say, and not as I’m actively doing

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9. Maybe those people just haven’t actually seen one up close

10. If you really want to know how my day was, ask Kathy up the street

11. Not to brag but I have this whole street walking a tight line

12. “Should I knock, or should I just slink away quietly and never think of this cursed place again?”

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Although we didn’t intend on all this yelling, we ended up with it all the same.

At least we have the nightly ritual of telling ourselves it will be better tomorrow.