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10 Funniest People on Facebook Last Week

Half the country may be buried in snow, but that doesn’t mean all is hopeless. Enter these 10 funniest people on Facebook last week to the rescue. If you have to remain locked inside while your kids watch Frozen for the 77 gajillionth time in 3 days, the least you can do is allow yourself this.

1. Thin Mints, you are the devil. (Amy Dillon)

2. Definitely a crime scene. (Christine Organ)

3. So tiny. (Mommy, for real)

4. Please keep thinking that. (Stage Too)

5. No doubt about it. (The Glad Stork)

6. Said NO ONE ever. (Why did we have to have all these kids anyway?)

7. Makes Common Core look like an amusement park ride. (Foxy Wine Pocket)

8. #fortheloveofgod (The Runaway Mama)

9. Perfect end of times provisions. (Kimberly Zapata, Sunshine Spoils Milk)

10. The suspense is killing me. (The 21st Century SAHM)